I was wondering why you dont have two admins..... Having two can seriously help the school times and the queue can always have things in it

I didn’t think it would get this big this quickly. I’d rather hand it over to someone who has more time and can recruit others of the same caliber. I only know other college students who are equally as busy and I wouldn’t trust any of them with my Zach blog.

Oh my god. Would you consider me for administrating this blog? I'd be so honored. Ha(: oh my gosh that would be like a dream come truuuuuuuuuue.

If it’s something you would really want to do. This blog is seperate so if you’re interested I can give you the login info and then you can change the password and do what you’d like with it.

  #zachary quinto    #chris pine    #live long and queue    #pinto  
  #zachary quinto    #live long and queue    #suspenders of death  
  #zachary quinto    #live long and queue  
  #zachary quinto    #live long and queue  
  #zachary quinto    #live long and queue  
  #zachary quinto    #live long and queue  

I need to relinquish the blog.

School I am finding is starting to get in the way and I fear I will soon not have the time to keep up. This blog grew very fast something I didn’t expect but probably should have. I am also a bit frustrated that the blog is not turning out how I had anticipated and hope someone else may be able to do a better job than I have. If interested please drop me a line!

Need Submissions

I have the queue full but we need more submissions. I won’t post the ones we have until I feel we have enough to fill the queue. Come on guys I know you’ve got it in you.